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Commercial Loans
At Union State Bank, we'll work with you to help your business succeed.  Commercial loans are available for the establishment of a new enterprise or the purchase of an existing business. They are also available for the expansion, renovation, or working capital for existing businesses. 

DIRECT COMMERCIAL LOANS: Are available to applicants for all types of credit purposes. Requests are reviewed to determine whether they meet the bank's credit standards. Those not totally qualifying can be directed to SBA for possible guarantee by them. Requesting approval from SBA does not necessarily mean that they will approve a marginal credit.

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Loans granted under this program are guaranteed through the SBA. The percent of guarantee is determined by the factors of the loan. With the guarantee of SBA, the bank can accommodate applicants which may not have qualified under normal bank underwriting, therefore helping the community to retain or add a viable enterprise to the community.

WHEDA: Business loans offered through WHEDA.

You can email Jim Lamack and Barbara Porath or call them at 920-388-3466.
You can email Steve Mastalir  or call him at 920-468-7000.
You can email Jackie Brennan or call her at 920-793-1551.


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