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Agricultural Loans
Agricultural loans are available to meet the needs of the agricultural industry.

VARIABLE RATE REAL ESTATE LOANS: Are available at local market rates for this type of credit.

PERSONAL PROPERTY LOANS: To purchase machinery and cattle. These loans are made for periods up to seven years at local rates.

FARM OPERATING LOANS: Are made on a one year maturity basis for the planting of crops and related expenses.

FMHA PERSONAL PROPERTY  & FARM OPERATING LOANS: Are made to farmers who otherwise do not meet our regular lending criteria. These loans are insured 90% by FMHA and are procured through the county FMHA Agent. FMHA also guarantees emergency loans to eligible farmers. All FMHA loans may also involve interest subsidence.

WHEDA: WHEDA, through the Economic Development group, administers a number of financing programs designed to help small business owners and farmers, which the bank participates in. Included in these programs are Credit Relief Outreach Program (CROP) which is a loan guarantee and rate reduction program for Wisconsin farmers and Linked Deposit Land Program (LIDL) designed to assist small businesses which are more than 50% owned or controlled by women or minority groups. WHEDA also offers several other financial programs.

You can email Jim Lamack and Barbara Porath or call them at 920-388-3466.
You can email Steve Mastalir or call him at 920-468-7000.
You can email Jackie Brennan or call her at 920-793-1551.


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